Considering Plastic Surgery? See What Our Real Patients (Including Dr. Reedy!) Have to Say

real patient Sandra
Our beautiful mommy makeover patient, Sandra

The decision to have a cosmetic procedure isn’t an easy one, and it often comes bundled with lots of questions, concerns, and “what ifs.” But did you know that an overwhelmingly large number of patients love their plastic surgery results? (Seriously, just look at the patient satisfaction ratings on!)

We recently caught up with a few past and present Berks Plastic Surgery patients to talk to them about their experiences and results—here are a few of our favorite success stories (plus Dr. Reedy’s own experience with some of our most popular non-surgical options!).

Dr. Reedy got a taste of his own medicine

What goes on behind clinic doors at a plastic surgery practice is usually reserved for staff and patients, but Dr. Reedy is giving everyone a peek behind the scene with a Facebook Live series showcasing him receiving some of our most popular treatments.

The first video showed Dr. Reedy targeting his love-handles with CoolSculpting, and his next Facebook Live event is coming soon! Tune in to the Berks Plastic Surgery Facebook page on Friday, April 7th at 12:30 PM EST if you want to see Dr. Reedy getting BOTOX live.

Although the video series is new, Dr. Reedy’s non-surgical team has been helping him with areas of concern for years—and he is happy to share his experience and results with his patients.

Dr. Reedy adds, “as a mature male, I want quick and easy ways to take a few years off my look while still looking very natural.” You can read more about Dr. Reedy’s patient experience here.

Our patients ❤ their breast implants

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular and highest rated cosmetic procedures in the US, and it’s helped millions of women feel more comfortable and confident. Here’s what three of our own patients, each coming in with different goals, have to say about their experience.

Restoring fullness post-childbearing

Lauren’s breast augmentation helped her reclaim her pre-baby body: “I immediately felt great and that I was going to be in good hands and receive beautiful results.” Read more.

Boosting size and confidence

Breast augmentation changed Brianne’s confidence for the better: “I was never the size that I wanted to be and I felt that doing the breast augmentation would just boost my confidence and it really has.” Read more.

Replacing implants for an improved look

Stephanie loves the more natural look and feel of her breasts after breast implant replacement, and says, “I literally couldn’t be happier. It has changed everything about my life.” Read more.

Non-surgical solutions are a patient-favorite

We’re proud to offer our patients a wide variety of minimally invasive and non-surgical options, which can help you make appreciable improvements without downtime.

Making small changes over time

Beth loves how she looks at 49, thanks to anti-aging treatments like laser resurfacing and injectables. “Everyone in the office is just ridiculously incredible. It is always a comfortable and pleasant experience.” Read more.

Non-surgical options are perfect for ladies on the go

With a desire to make a few improvements but neither the time nor inclination to have surgery, Michelle was thrilled over the availability of quick, non-invasive options. When it came to her CoolSculpting, ThermiVa, and various skincare treatments, she “wouldn’t trust the judgement and professional expertise of anyone else other than the providers within this office.” Read more.

“If I had known how happy a breast augmentation with lift would make me, I would’ve done this years ago!”

actual patient Sarah

Want amazing curves? We can help!

Childbirth and aging can have a significant impact on the breasts and body. These three patients were able to reclaim their bodies and their confidence with tailored body contouring treatment plants.

A mommy makeover can help improve post-pregnancy changes

Sandra knew she wanted to make a change after giving birth; she didn’t want to live with stubborn fat, drooping skin, impaired abdominal muscles, and “droopy” breasts anymore. With a mommy makeover, she didn’t have to. “It’s amazing just being able to fit into my outfits and my breasts stay where they are supposed to be. I look good in my dresses again!” Read more.

Choosing the best for breast augmentation + tummy tuck

After deciding she wanted a breast augmentation and tummy tuck, Angie wanted to find a surgeon and practice with a commitment to both safety and beautiful outcomes. “Everyone at the office was super awesome before and after surgery. It was a perfect experience.” Read more.

Shapely breasts are possible after breastfeeding

After nursing her daughter and losing some “baby weight,” Sarah noticed her breasts were looking a little deflated. “I wanted to look like me in my clothes again,” she said. “If I had known how happy a breast augmentation with lift would make me, I would’ve done this years ago!” Read more.

Want your own success story?

We would love to have you in for a complimentary consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons. Simply contact us to get started; we can’t wait to help you explore your options!

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