Reduction mammoplasty, or breast reduction surgery, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed each year, with some of the highest rates of patient satisfaction. Surgical removal of excess breast tissue has relieved numerous women of significant discomfort—from back, shoulder, and neck pain to experiencing feelings of insecurity or self-doubt. So there’s no doubt… Continue Reading »

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you have a lot to think about.  Choosing the right practice and surgeon requires a number of different things including:  asking the right questions, research and your own personal judgment.  Here are some questions to consider: What are their certifications? It is extremely important to find a board-certified plastic surgeon… Continue Reading »

One thing that we pride ourselves on, as a practice, is patient satisfaction.  Often times, our patients leave complimentary reviews on Google, RealSelf or other social media outlets.  However, we would like to share one that we received recently on our blog to reach our website viewers. See here what real patients are saying. This… Continue Reading »

When a woman decides to pursue breast augmentation, there are a number of decisions that must be made during the planning phase. For example, the amount of information available about the types of implants alone is dizzying, and it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. A recent study on textured implants has found… Continue Reading »

For patients that have had multiple surgeries with us here at Berks Plastic Surgery, the plastic surgery consultation is a very familiar and pleasant experience.  For first time patients, the consultation can sometimes be scary if they don’t know what to expect or what it entails.  We make every effort to ensure this appointment is… Continue Reading »

More than a quarter-million American women can’t be wrong, can they? Let’s take a closer look. Breast augmentation has been the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States since 2006, the year silicone gel implants returned to the market. Based on sheer numbers alone, you can assume that women are happy with the results;… Continue Reading »

Women are drawn to breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons, but filling out a swimsuit or a strapless dress often tops on the list. Thus many women spend a lot of time thinking about breast augmentation surgery at the most inconvenient time to actually have the procedure—during swimsuit season. While it’s totally understandable… Continue Reading »

Common Plastic Surgery Myths

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day.  However, there are still some falsities associated with plastic surgery.  Here are a few of the most common plastic surgery myths and why they are false: Plastic surgery is only for the rich and famous.  This is a very common misconception.  It is presumed that… Continue Reading »

Women seek breast augmentation for many reasons. Here are some of the most common that we hear from our patients at Berks Plastic Surgery. Use this code to embed this image on your site: If you’d like to link to this blog post, please use this URL:

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