Mommy Juggling Act: How to Restore Balance to Your Body

iStock_000001356634MediumBecoming a mother is a miraculous transformation. You brought new life into the world—an incredible feat. Your body changed tremendously over the course of pregnancy and likely continued to change even after your precious little one(s) came into the world.

Now that the initial urgency of caring for infant(s) has passed, you may be wondering when your body will go back to its original shape. Or maybe it’s been a few years and you’re ready to restore your former figure. A mommy makeover could be just the thing to boost your body’s balance and keep you looking great as you care for your youngster—and yourself!

What’s a Mommy Makeover?

To achieve a new look that lasts for years, many women seek out a mommy makeover. This approach to cosmetic surgery combines several treatments, such as a breast lift and tummy tuck. Often a breast augmentation is also performed to balance out the figure. When combined, mommy makeover procedures can help a mom look and feel great about her body.

Why Are More Procedures Better Than One?

Many women pair different procedures to create a proportioned look. A tummy tuck after pregnancy can work wonders, but it’s often not enough to restore a pre-baby body. A breast lift enhances your natural breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning your breasts to a more flattering position. Your breasts appear rounder and perkier without adding implants.

If you are concerned that your natural breasts are on the smaller side or you have experienced loss of volume, a breast augmentation with lift can create the breast profile you’ve always wished for. Your breasts will be fuller, perkier, and fill out your clothes even better than before you were pregnant.

What About My Face?

Raising children can feel like a whirlwind of activity. It’s exciting to watch your children grow and learn new things, but sometimes the stress of raising kids can leave your skin with a few more wrinkles than you’d like.

If you wish your skin looked younger or more refreshed, there are some nonsurgical treatments that can help you look as young as you feel.

BOTOX® dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging. BOTOX injections immobilize the muscles that cause crow’s-feet, frown lines, and forehead creases to create a smoother visage.

Restylane® restores your skin’s natural volume to increase firmness. This dermal filler is injected into the skin with a very fine needle. The results are immediate and can last up to twice as long as collagen injections.

The First Step

If you want to achieve a balanced body, the most important step is to find a surgeon that understands your goals. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Reedy has helped many women restore their bodies after childbirth. Berks Plastic Surgery offers complimentary cosmetic consultations, so give us a call to find out how we can help restore balance to your body!

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