Summer is busy, and—though it’s likely the time of year when you want to look the most fit—given travel, weddings, childcare, etc, many of us have put off our fitness plans. Any body type can become fit, but those who are less fit can actually see results faster. It may sound contradictory, but it’s true!… Continue Reading »

In case you haven’t heard, Venus Viva™ is now at Berks Plastic Surgery. Patients are already lining up because this one-of-a-kind nanofractional radiofrequency skin treatment has many perks to love—it works for all skin types and is so effective at remodeling skin it can even help with tricky-to-treat issues, such as stretch marks! If you’ve… Continue Reading »

Breast augmentation is an ever-popular procedure with sky-high patient satisfaction rates. Most breast augmentation patients are absolutely delighted with their results and have zero regrets—even so, during the recovery period, many patients wonder if things will really turn out as they hope. After having breast augmentation, it can be difficult to know what is a… Continue Reading »

We think treating yourself after the stress of the holidays is important—particularly if you recently had surgery or are looking for ways to celebrate your new look. To help, we’ve come up with a few ideas for the best gifts to give yourself after breast augmentation surgery. Embracing the New You Love Your Look from… Continue Reading »

As a plastic surgeon, I have worked with hundreds of mothers who want to feel better about their appearance after having children. Sadly, there are still some naysayers who don’t understand why a mom would choose to have a surgical makeover. Let’s kill this stigma once and for all: moms have already made significant sacrifices… Continue Reading »

As a native of Pennsylvania, Dr. Brian Reedy has always had an undeniable commitment to the state that helped shaped him, and others have started to notice. He recently sat down with Berks County Living to discuss why he has never strayed far from his home state and the reasons his focus has consistently been to help others thrive.   Keeping… Continue Reading »

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