Can I Improve My Fitness In Just One Week?

Summer is busy, and—though it’s likely the time of year when you want to look the most fit—given travel, weddings, childcare, etc, many of us have put off our fitness plans.

Any body type can become fit, but those who are less fit can actually see results faster. It may sound contradictory, but it’s true!

The good news is it is possible to see differences this summer even if you adopt a new workout now. According to Outside Magazine, you are likely to observe changes even after a week.

Start where you are

Any body type can become fit, but those with more fitness gains to make will actually see results faster. It may sound contradictory, but it’s true!

For example, if you take someone who is sedentary and start them on any fitness program, you’ll see their cardiovascular health improve rapidly. On the other hand, a person who’s already a 30-mile-per-week runner will make more marginal gains if they increase their workouts. Still, as long as you’re pushing yourself beyond your current level, you’ll likely see improvement.

That said, “couch potatoes” need to follow a few rules: don’t overdo it at first, as exciting as it may be to think of feeling more fit within a week. Going too hard, too fast can actually hinder your performance, resulting in injury and sending you right back to square one. Instead, work with a professional who can help you plan best for your body and take on small, achievable challenges, gradually increasing difficulty and/or length of time as your strength increases.

What exercises get you in shape quickly?

Exercise, no matter what that looks like, is important. However, some types of movement can improve health markers more quickly than others. Studies show that high intensity interval training (HIIT) increases a person’s blood volume and cardiac output, benefiting your aptitude for exercise in less time than, say, a leisurely walk.

“Couch potatoes” need to follow a few rules: gradually build up to larger challenges and work with a professional to avoid injury.

Strength training is also a key to developing a strong body. Strength training professionals say that using proper form and technique (and doing more reps versus overexerting yourself), it is possible to notice a difference within a week. Remember however, that the changes may be more in how you feel versus what you or others can see.

The good news is these early changes are excellent for your health and provide a foundation to make the visible changes you will see over time.

Patience and a long-term mindset is key

Whether you have an upcoming event or cosmetic procedure that you are trying to trim up for, it’s important to plan ahead. While your cardiovascular health can quickly have measurable improvements, you likely won’t see obvious external changes (i.e., weight loss, fat reduction, muscle growth) for a few months.

Don’t let the lack of instant gratification stop you from moving your body. Your health is everything, and maintaining a fitness routine is key to living a long, productive life.

Read the full article for more health tips and ideas to improve your health and fitness.

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