There are many different lasers on the market today that all achieve different results for each patient.  While some patients are looking to reduce sunspots and age spots, other patients are looking to tighten loose skin and reduce fine lines.  Fortunately, there is a laser on the market to accommodate many different kinds of patients… Continue Reading »

Common Plastic Surgery Myths

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day.  However, there are still some falsities associated with plastic surgery.  Here are a few of the most common plastic surgery myths and why they are false: Plastic surgery is only for the rich and famous.  This is a very common misconception.  It is presumed that… Continue Reading »

Winterize Your Skin

Every winter, we bundle up in our warmest clothes before leaving the house to keep from getting cold.  However, it’s easy to forget that our skin needs protection as well.  The brisk, dry air can have long-lasting impact on your skin and its appearance.  Here are a few tricks for “winterizing” your skin. Use a… Continue Reading »

Let us introduce you to our newest laser treatment! We’ve been very impressed with the results from the Clear + Brilliant Laser, because it’s gentle yet effective. One 30-minute treatment makes your skin feel softer and look brighter, and a series of sessions can bring lasting improvements in tone, texture, and clarity. The Clear + Brilliant… Continue Reading »

Imagine changing your skin from the cellular level. That’s right, not just improving the appearance of your skin, but actually improving its health—leading to radiant, more youthful skin. It’s all possible with the professional skin care products designed by Obagi. The company is a world leader in skin care and is committed to providing specially formulated, prescription-only… Continue Reading »

The Eyes Have It

Everyone wants to appear refreshed and energized, no matter their age. Our eyes are considered to be a mirror of how we feel inside, with bright, alert eyes indicating health and happiness. But drooping eyelids, puffy lower lids, and wrinkles under your eyes can give the impression that you’re tired, unhappy, or older than you… Continue Reading »

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