Winterize Your Skin


Every winter, we bundle up in our warmest clothes before leaving the house to keep from getting cold.  However, it’s easy to forget that our skin needs protection as well.  The brisk, dry air can have long-lasting impact on your skin and its appearance.  Here are a few tricks for “winterizing” your skin.

Use a good moisturizer.  Moisturizing your skin is important all year long, but over the winter, it is especially important.  Cold air dries your skin out more than any other.  Choosing the right moisturizer will hydrate your skin and slow the dehydration process.  I recommend trying Hydrate Moisturizer by Obagi or Emollience by SkinCeuticals.  Both products will effectively and efficiently keep your skin looking its best.

Use something better to clean your skin than your hands.  The Clarisonic brush cleanses your skin 6 times better than the traditional methods.  It leaves skin looking and feeling smoother and because it cleanses so well, it allows your moisturizer to penetrate your skin deeper and be more effective.

Don’t forget sunscreen.  Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you are safe from sunburn.  You should apply sunscreen to your skin 365 days a year because the sun doesn’t only cause wrinkles and dark spots.  It can also lead to various skin cancers and other health-related problems.  Try SkinCeuticals Ultra Sheer sunscreen.  It is lightweight so it won’t feel heavy when you combine it with your moisturizer.

Watch what you drink.  Soda and other caffeinated drinks can have a diuretic effect.  Stay hydrated by drinking more water.  Also, certain fatty acids found in fish and flaxseed oils may help replenish natural oils in your skin so adding them to your diet could help as well.

If you need any help winterizing your skin, go to your aesthetician and ask what they would recommend.  They should be able to guide you through the process to help keep your skin feeling great this winter season.

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