The Eyes Have It

Everyone wants to appear refreshed and energized, no matter their age. Our eyes are considered to be a mirror of how we feel inside, with bright, alert eyes indicating health and happiness. But drooping eyelids, puffy lower lids, and wrinkles under your eyes can give the impression that you’re tired, unhappy, or older than you really are. If your eyes don’t convey the vitality you feel inside, it might be time to consider eyelid lift surgery, also known as

Blepharoplasty is popular with both men and women; in 2012, it was among the top five most-performed facial plastic surgeries for both sexes, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The surgery rejuvenates the eyes with relatively little downtime, making it an ideal procedure for working men and women or those with busy social lives.

Blepharoplasty can improve the appearance of your upper lids, lower lids, or both:

  • Upper eyelids. Excess skin and fat in your upper eyelids can cause your lids to droop, sometimes so much that they can obscure your vision. Droopy, puffy upper lids can also give you a sorrowful look, even if you’re the most happy-go-lucky person in the world. An upper eyelid lift can easily remedy those problems, brightening up your face while refreshing your eyes. During an upper eyelid lift, excess tissue in the lids is removed and the skin is tightened, giving you a youthful, more alert appearance.
  • Lower eyelids. A lower eyelid lift removes excess skin and puffy bags under the eyes, and it can also address fine wrinkles as well. The appearance of dark circles under the eyes can sometimes be lessened with a lower eyelid lift.

Sometimes both upper and lower lids need to be treated for a total rejuvenation of the eyes. The incisions from blepharoplasty are generally hidden in the natural creases in your skin, such as the fold of the upper eyelid or below the eyelashes of the lower lids. The recovery is usually quick, so you can be back to work and day-to-day activities within a week or so.
Blepharoplasty generally provides a lasting improvement, allowing your eyes to radiate energy and youthful sparkle. So let your inner vibrance shine through! We’d love to talk to you about the many benefits of eyelid lift surgery. Contact us today for a consultation.

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