Dramatically Improve Your Skin with the Fraxel Laser!

fraxelThere are many different lasers on the market today that all achieve different results for each patient.  While some patients are looking to reduce sunspots and age spots, other patients are looking to tighten loose skin and reduce fine lines.  Fortunately, there is a laser on the market to accommodate many different kinds of patients called the Fraxel Repair laser.  It can remove years from your appearance by reducing lines and tightening skin while also resurfacing and smoothing tone and texture.  Fraxel may or may not be a name you recognize so here is a bit more information regarding this revolutionary laser:

How does it work?  By using a high-intensity carbon dioxide laser, it penetrates deep into the skin to remove the old and damaged skin cells.  This process stimulates your body’s natural healing process which creates new and healthy skin.

How many treatments will I need?  You will see great results after the first treatment.  However, depending on the severity of your sunspots, aging, fine lines, wrinkles, etc., you may be happier with a second treatment a year or several down the road.  That will be at your discretion, but we hope that you will be completely satisfied with one treatment.  Additionally, we will offer suggestions of other things you can do in conjunction with your Fraxel laser to give you optimal results such as fillers and Botox.

What can I expect after treatment?  You can expect to be red and a little sore post-operatively.  The great thing about the Fraxel Repair laser is that your healing time is much less than many other traditional lasers.  In 7 days, you should be as good as new.  You may have some pinkness that resembles a sunburn, but it won’t cause you any discomfort and you can easily apply makeup over it.

Is it safe?  Yes.  The Fraxel Repair is extremely safe.  We have many ways to make sure it is as safe and effective as possible.  You will meet with our aesthetician prior to the procedure to get on a skin care regimen.  She will also brief you on caring for your skin post-operatively.  This laser has been used safely on over 10,000 patients worldwide in clinical trials.

If you have any questions, reach out to our office at 610-320-0200!

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