Our Cosmetic Patient Coordinator Steph Shares Her Personal Plastic Surgery Experience

Berks Plastic Surgery Lead Patient Care Coordinator Steph's Plastic Surgery Experience

At Berks Plastic Surgery, we understand that plastic and cosmetic surgery is incredibly personal for each patient. Our Reading patients visit us from all walks of life, and we are honored to serve people of all ages, professions, personalities—each with their own reason for seeking a cosmetic procedure. Sometimes, the people who walk through our doors are carrying trauma, insecurity, or other personal matters on their shoulders, and they trust us to help them once again look and feel their best.

Our Lead Cosmetic Patient Coordinator Stephanie recently shared her own personal plastic surgery experience on our Facebook page. When she was young, she was mauled by a dog, and it was a plastic surgeon who helped restore her appearance following the attack. Read her story below:

In Her Own Words: Steph’s Story

“This is a long one, but please read.

“The other day, someone posted something about body positivity. I chimed in because it’s so important. Some lady decided to go on the attack and commented something about how I work for a plastic surgeon… “🤣🤣 enough said. Peace out.” I let it go, but it’s been festering so now I have to speak out.

“When I was 10, I was mauled by a dog. I needed 50 stitches in my face and was permanently altered. A plastic surgeon came to my bedside and closed my wound at 2 am. It was a plastic surgeon that did a secondary surgery to improve the appearance of the scar. I was tormented by young boys calling me “jelly doughnut face” because I had to put Vitamin E gel on my incision. It destroyed my confidence, and it took many years for me to restore it.

“Flash forward to today… yes, I work for two brilliant plastic surgeons. The majority of our patient base is women. Whether they come to us after an ugly divorce, after they have been widowed, they are trying to address a lifetime insecurity or they simply want a change, they choose us because they know we can help. We can make a positive impact on their lives. And we do…every single day.

“Whether they come to us after an ugly divorce, after they have been widowed, they are trying to address a lifetime insecurity or they simply want a change, they choose us because they know we can help.”

“But Steph, how can you believe in the importance of body positivity and still tell women they NEED plastic surgery? First of all, we would never tell a woman they NEED anything. We are supportive of their WANTS. I tell all of my patients they are beautiful the way they are but of course I will help them achieve their goals. I want to help them feel confident in their skin, no matter what that takes. I have CRIED after hearing patients’ stories and I have cried after they share their testimonials about how this changed their life, they are wearing a bikini after 20 years, etc.

“So, you see, I am a huge proponent of body positivity and that looks different for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN. I’ve had plastic surgery and thank my lucky stars that I did. It has helped me immensely to love myself – inside and out.

“I’ve had plastic surgery and thank my lucky stars that I did. It has helped me immensely to love myself – inside and out. If you are lucky enough to feel sexy and confident in the skin God gave you, then you are blessed. If you need a little help, there is NOTHING wrong with that. Period. #loveyourself #nomatterwhatittakes ”


But is cosmetic surgery in conflict with body positivity? Let’s break it down.

What is ‘body positivity’?

For generations, in everything from pornography to women’s magazines, society and popular culture has objectified the female body and depicted women in an over-idealized light. We’re grateful that over the past several years there has been a shift away from unrealistic body standards and towards a healthier body image for all. The body positivity movement is simply the notion that we all are worthy and valuable, no matter what our physical appearance is!

Can you be both an advocate for plastic surgery and women’s equality?

As Steph experienced, many wonder if they can be someone who supports women of all shapes and sizes, but still want to change their own appearance. They also question how a medical practice can advocate for body positivity and still tell women they need plastic surgery.

To this we say YES—you can absolutely identify as a feminist and be pro cosmetic surgery. We also reiterate that as medical aesthetic providers we will never tell anyone they NEED a specific surgery, procedure or treatment. However, an individual’s personal (and very natural) curiosity and desire for change, whether physical or emotional, is real and shouldn’t be repressed or ignored. To some, the feminism movement may seem at odds with the cosmetic surgery industry, but we believe that it doesnt have to be this way. We believe that they can co-exist peacefully! The ultimate goal is for women to feel the best they possibly can in their own skin, and every woman has a different journey to get there.

Is there a larger meaning behind aesthetic surgery?

At Berks Plastic Surgery we believe all women are beautiful the way they are, and are deserving of feeling beautiful on the inside too. We are here to facilitate and support everyone in their quest for greater happiness and higher self-esteem and self-satisfaction. Instead of questioning our patients’ motivations, we focus on making sure people have access to the most accurate medical information and the highest quality care so they can make the best—safest and most informed—decisions about their bodies.

At Berks Plastic Surgery our vision is that…

  • All people can feel proud, confident and attractive in their own skin
  • All people should feel supported in their self-improvement goals
  • Everyone is free to do whatever they want with their bodies without shame, guilt or judgment
  • Everyone can be accepting of their own body, and the bodies of others.
  • Everyone has agency over their own aesthetic choices, and accepts the personal aesthetic choices of others.

How can personal testimonials and stories help?

We believe in the power of storytelling to help other women understand that they aren’t alone. Check out the following from REAL cosmetic surgery patients at our practice, and beyond!

We want to hear YOUR story too! How has plastic surgery changed your life?

The Berks Plastic Surgery aesthetics team includes many strong, intelligent, and beautiful women who are blessed to have the opportunity to help empower other dynamic women every day. Whether your goal is to achieve healthy, radiant skin or to enhance your curves with a surgical procedure, we hope you’ll schedule your consultation online or call (610) 320-0200 today!

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