2020 has officially landed, and many of us are evaluating the changes we’d like to see in the year to come. While self-care and budget management are often mentioned, health and fitness goals still top most people’s new year’s resolutions lists—and we’ve already been hearing from patients asking how they can tune up their figures…. Continue Reading »

Learn All About Vaginal Rejuvenation at Our ThermiVa Webinar We’re big fans of the newest non-invasive treatment for vaginal rejuvenation—and our patients <3 ThermiVa® as well! But what is this treatment everyone is talking about? And how can it help you feel more comfortable and confident? We’ll answer all those questions and more during our… Continue Reading »

Facial acne is common and a quick trip to the doctor’s office can result in recommendations and prescriptions that will have skin clearing up quickly. Unfortunately, body acne can be different. It’s less common in conversation, leaving many feeling embarrassed by the condition. A Daily Makeover article recently explored some of the main causes of… Continue Reading »

As a plastic surgeon, I have worked with hundreds of mothers who want to feel better about their appearance after having children. Sadly, there are still some naysayers who don’t understand why a mom would choose to have a surgical makeover. Let’s kill this stigma once and for all: moms have already made significant sacrifices… Continue Reading »

Becoming a mother is a miraculous transformation. You brought new life into the world—an incredible feat. Your body changed tremendously over the course of pregnancy and likely continued to change even after your precious little one(s) came into the world. Now that the initial urgency of caring for infant(s) has passed, you may be wondering… Continue Reading »

Our breast reconstruction patients ask us many great questions, and we thought it would be helpful to gather them together for women wanting a concise rundown on the subject. So here are the top five questions we hear about breast reconstruction, with answers from Dr. Reedy, a trusted board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. 1…. Continue Reading »

Whether you are considering cosmetic surgery, you need a lesion removed, or you cut your arm, the scar will cross your mind at some point.  Many scar creams boast that they will aid in decreasing the appearance of your scar or lightening the color; however, a lot of those products do not have the clinical… Continue Reading »

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