How Old is Too Old for Plastic Surgery?

Too old for plastic surgery?

Ever been in a situation where you thought to yourself, “I’m too old for this stuff?” As years go by, we tend to get more aware of the “age-appropriateness” of how we dress, how we wear our hair, and even what foods we’re supposed to like.

But while our tastes may change as we age, we never outgrow wanting—or deserving—to look our very best. And, if you’re wondering, am I too old for plastic surgery?, we have great news: chances are, you’re at just the right age!

Recently, plastic surgeons from the Cleveland Clinic evaluated the surgical risks for patients 65 and older undergoing facelift and abdominoplasty procedures. They found that healthy older patients were at no greater risk for complications than their younger counterparts who underwent the same procedures.

More important than chronological age, the report emphasized, is a patient’s overall health and expectations with surgery.

Your safety comes first

The Cleveland Clinic studies were provided by surgeons working with patients who were healthy enough to undergo surgery and heal properly. A reputable plastic surgeon will ensure that a patient is in satisfactory health and physically and emotionally ready to undergo cosmetic surgery before agreeing to a procedure—regardless of that patient’s age. However, it’s even more critical with older patients, as health concerns such as heart disease become more of a factor.

If you’re considering an elective cosmetic procedure later in life, your surgeon should complete an extensive physical assessment before allowing you to proceed—if he or she does not, ask yourself whether this doctor has your best interests in mind, and consider consulting with a different plastic surgeon, preferably one who is board certified in plastic surgery and has plenty of experience operating on older patients.

It’s important to be realistic about results

While having plastic surgery at an older age is safe for otherwise healthy patients, you shouldn’t expect the exact same results possible for someone decades younger than you. For example, a facelift will help you look about 10 years younger than you look now, no matter how old you are—if you are 70, no procedure will make you look 35 again. Expertly performed plastic surgery will enhance and refresh your features while preserving what makes you naturally beautiful.

Wondering if you’re at the right age for cosmetic surgery? We can help you decide.

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