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Take a decade off of your appearance

Some of the most visible signs of aging first appear on the face. Although the changes appear gradually, there may come a day when you look in the mirror and decide that the face you see doesn’t reflect the way you feel about yourself. If you’d like to look as good as you feel, a facelift can help. Also known as rhytidectomy, a facelift smooths the loose skin on your face and neck, tightens underlying tissues and removes excess fat. As a result, your face will appear firmer and fresher.

I look and feel younger and more beautiful. It was everything I’d hoped for.
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Is a facelift right for me?

Here at Berks Plastic Surgery, we offer a large number of facial procedures and rejuvenating non-surgical treatments—and your facial rejuvenation plan should be unique to your individual concerns and facial structure. The best way to determine if a facelift (or any other procedure or treatment) is the best option for you is to meet with one of our board certified plastic surgeons who can help you explore your options.

Typically, patients who experience the following are good candidates for a facelift:

  • a deep line that runs from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth
  • loss of a well-defined jawline
  • deep wrinkles in the cheeks and sagging skin near the cheekbones
  • loose skin, wrinkles or excess fatty tissue in the neck

Our surgeons customize facelift surgery for each individual patient, ensuring that the results look natural, much like you might have looked in younger years. This also helps to make sure that your facelift results age naturally with you over the years to come.

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Your facelift consultation & surgery

During your consultation, Dr. Reedy or Dr. Lindsay will discuss your goals and evaluate your face to determine the best course of treatment. In many cases, combining a facelift with another facial procedure can help a patient get the best results. Additionally, non surgical facial treatments, such as injectables, can enhance the results of a facelift.

During your facelift procedure, your surgeon will make small, inconspicuous incisions that should be naturally hidden by your hair line. Through these incisions, he will lift your facial tissues, remove any excess or sagging skin, and tighten remaining skin around the mid-face, jawline, and neck. Your incisions will be sutured and dressed, and you should be able to return home the same day.

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