4 Reasons You’ll ❤ Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing

In case you haven’t heard, Venus Viva™ is now at Berks Plastic Surgery. Patients are already lining up because this one-of-a-kind nanofractional radiofrequency skin treatment has many perks to love—it works for all skin types and is so effective at remodeling skin it can even help with tricky-to-treat issues, such as stretch marks!

If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about or looking for the perfect option for giving you the skin of your dreams, read on. We’ve listed out a few of our favorite things about our newest offering.

1. You’ll get dramatic results without the downtime of laser resurfacing

Lasers can certainly deliver results, but it’s often at the cost of weeks of peeling, sensitive skin. Venus Viva’s nanofractional approach makes the whole process easier. For a few days after treatment, you’ll just look like you have a slight sunburn (just chalk it up to a day out enjoying the spring weather!). The healing process includes just a few days of slight peeling, before brighter, smoother skin will appear.

This typically takes a week, though you’ll notice continued improvements for a few months as deeper skin remodeling takes place and new skin cells are replenished. You can just choose one treatment if you’re already happy with what you see, but the most optimal results are achieved with a series of three to four treatments spaced about a month apart.

2. Treatment is quick & comfortable

We’re all aboard the self-care bandwagon, but finding moments for yourself can be tricky—we all have busy lives full of responsibilities. Between work, home, and juggling social engagements, finding time to book a treatment isn’t always simple.

Venus Viva makes the perfect lunchtime treatment because it’s quick and comfortable without compromising on quality. Treatment typically takes between 15-30 minutes, and it doesn’t require any special preparation or involved aftercare. While you may feel a bit of heat or very slight stinging, most patients report that treatment is comfortable.

Many of our patients head right back to work, though you may notice some slight swelling, pinkness, and sensitivity the first day. You’ll also need to avoid putting products other than sunscreen on your face, so make sure you can spend the rest of the day sans-makeup.

3. It’s safe for most skin types…including darker skin tones

Did you know that many resurfacing treatments are a no-no for those with darker skin tones? Hyperpigmentation and scarring can occur with certain lasers or resurfacing treatments, limiting the options of beauties with more melanin. Because Venus Viva uses a combination of tiny skin punctures (similar to microneedling) and deeply delivered radiofrequency that doesn’t rely on light energy, it will not impact skin pigment.

Venus Viva treats the underlying layers of skin to prompt your body’s natural healing process without harming upper layers. Basically, it gives your skin a boost to do its job better without needing to rely on removing layers of skin or mechanical resurfacing.

4. Your results will last (and your skin will be healthier)

Think of Venus Viva as a therapist for your skin. While the treatment does some heavy lifting in the beginning, it’s essentially prompting and training your skin to improve itself over time. Instead of using topical products or invasive measures to “force” skin remodeling, Venus Viva gives your skin its marching orders, and your body does the rest.

Because your results are naturally produced and your skin has upped its production of collagen and elastin, you’ll notice that your results last a long time. We can’t stop the natural aging process—so you’ll want to book maintenance treatments once or twice a year—but your skin will be performing and looking better overall.

Your new besties at Berks have you covered

Whether you’re interested in Venus Viva or looking for expert help exploring your other options, we’d love for you to join the Berks family. While we’re proud to offer a diverse range of Reading skincare treatments and products, we really shine when it comes to deep aesthetic knowledge, patient care, and providing safe, natural-looking results.

When you schedule your free consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with Donna Erb, our exceptional licensed aesthetician and President of the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists, to discuss your concerns and develop the perfect treatment plan for you.

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