About Breast Implant Revision

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From time to time, a patient with existing breast implants will have those implants removed or replaced through breast implant revision surgery. Some patients require revision due to complications with their current implants, such as poor position, rippling, rupture, or capsular contracture (a condition in which scar tissue tightens abnormally around the breast implant, causing the breasts to feel hard, misshapen, or painful). Others desire a change in breast implant size or type. Occasionally a patient will have her implants removed permanently for personal or medical reasons.

Dr. Brian K. Reedy works closely with each patient to fully understand her needs with breast implant revision surgery. After a thorough evaluation and discussion of breast implant sizing, our surgeon pursues a course of treatment that best achieves a patient’s desired outcome.

The techniques that Dr. Reedy use for breast implant revision surgery are unique to the needs of each patient, but all procedures are performed using general anesthesia administered by a qualified anesthesia provider.