Reading Breast Implant Sizing

Breast Sizing Consultation Now Made Easy

Our plastic surgeons provide thorough breast implant sizing consultations at Berks Plastic Surgery because:

  • 60% of reoperations are due to size (most are disappointed they didn’t go larger)
  • A professional opinion matters
  • Implant size and shape will have unique results for every body shape

Your sizing consultation will also address other decisions for each patient:

  • Will round or anatomical implants have better results for you?
  • Which incision placement is better for you?
  • Should your implant be placed above or below the muscle?
  • Are smooth or textured implants best for you?
  • For your aesthetic goals, is a high or standard profile better?

Many women have breast augmentation surgery simply because they want larger breasts. It is important to have realistic expectations with regards to the implant size that you choose. It is also critical that the implant size is proportionate with respect to your body as a whole. This is the main reason why our plastic surgeons provide a professional breast implant sizing consultation.

Size Concerns Lead To Reoperations

Many women worry about going too big. Sixty percent of reoperations are done due to dissatisfaction with size, with most patients wishing they had actually chosen bigger implants. However, going too large can lead to complications. It is important to listen to your surgeon’s opinion when determining size, as he will provide honest and realistic recommendations that take into account both your desired look and your body’s natural proportions.

Unique Results For Every Body Shape

Remember, every woman has a unique body. It is important to choose an implant that will enhance your features. This is possible through a thorough consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons, who will provide you with sample implants to look at and try on. He will also spend a good portion of the consultation discussing your goals and concerns with you.

Which Shape Will Suit Me the Best?

With so many breast implant options, it may be confusing not knowing which one is best. This decision can be very simple. The shape of your implants depends on the shape of your breasts before surgery. The surgery can change the size, but not the underlying basic shape of your breasts. The shape and symmetry of the ribcage and muscles, breastbone shape and depth, breast volume and type of skin all need to be considered before finalizing the shape.

What Type of Incision Should I Go For?

This depends on the type of breast implants chosen, lifestyle, body anatomy and plastic surgeon’s preference. Your surgeon will use an incision technique that will produce the least amount of visible scarring possible while getting you the best results for your body.

The Placement of the Implant

Implants can be placed over the muscle (subglandular) or under the muscle (subpectoral). sealOver the muscle placement provides a round augmented look. This placement involves less post-op discomfort, because only skin and fat are cut. However, the implant edges can be clearly seen and felt. There can also be difficulty in correcting problems that may arise later. Under the muscle placement results in a more natural look. However, it takes time to recover from post-op discomfort. In later stages, the implants may bottom out downward as the weak tissues are the only support. Ask your plastic surgeon to explain the pros and cons of each placement to help you make a more informed decision.

Which Texture Do I Choose?

Implants are smooth or textured. The smooth implant surface is smooth as a balloon, while the textured ones feel like sandpaper. Smooth implants are used in 90 percent of breast augmentation surgeries. This is because they have thinner shells, greater longevity, and less risk of ripples. They are also more cost efficient. Textured implants help maintain a vertical alignment and reduce the risk of displacement and capsular contracture. However, textured implants are known for having higher risks of leaking and rippling.

Which Profile Is Better?

Breast implant profile indicates the forward projection of your breasts from your chest. Defining the profile will help you and your surgeon customize the fit as depth and width are considered. Profile types include: Moderate Profile: These are normal size, which are proportionate in depth and width. Moderate Plus: These have a slightly tapered width with an extra forward projection. The depth is more than the width. This type is best for small-framed women. High Profile: These have the most forward projection and a narrow base diameter. This type is best for small-framed women who want a natural look with more forward projection. Low Profile: These are best for women who have wide-chests because it creates a breast shape that matches the other body contours. This type is best for large-framed women.

Scheduling a Breast Implant Sizing Consultation

At your complimentary plastic surgery consultation, Dr. Reedy and Dr. Lindsay will listen to your reasons for wanting breast augmentation as well as your concerns about surgery and your aesthetic goals. Your surgeon will also evaluate your current breast size and composition. Using this information, he will explain the best options for you. Prior to surgerr, your patient coordinator will work with you to schedule your sizing consultation.