Would You Pay to Turn Your Brown Eyes Blue?

iStock_000028930350_MediumThough no one is quite sure why, it’s common knowledge that a bright pair of baby blue eyes are often seen as a mark of attractiveness. For the brown eyed guys and girls out there, adjusting or enhancing your eye color has traditionally been limited to the use of colored contact lenses which, unfortunately, can come with a host of problems.

But what if you could swap your brown for blue permanently? Perhaps soon you can, with a unique laser procedure recently developed by Stroma Medical. Because the biggest difference between brown and blue eyes is just a thin layer of pigment, unveiling the blue under the brown can easily be accomplished. By removing brown melanin from the upper layers of the iris using a low-intensity laser, light can enter the eye, scatter, and reflect back the shortest wavelengths: blues.

While you can’t swap eye colors just yet, things look promising. According to the company, this is a safer, quicker, and more permanent alternative to other products, and they hope to complete clinical trials in the next few years. Treatment takes a matter of minutes and results show within several weeks.

As a plastic surgery practice that helps patients achieve their goals through cosmetic enhancement, we love the idea of a quick and comfortable treatment that helps people make desired changes to their body—as long as trials show the procedure is safe!

If you could change the color of your eyes permanently, what color would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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