Visit Us for Dermatology, Too!

Plastic surgeons have a trained eye that serves as an ideal complement to the diagnostic skills of a dermatology specialist. The two medical disciplines support each other in very important ways. We think we’re offering the best of both worlds because we provide complete skin care services from each specialty in our practice. We can look at any skin-related issue and treat it from a medical and a cosmetic perspective.

For example, the gold-standard treatment for age-related changes is a facelift, which restores the tissues of the face to a youthful position. But a facelift can’t do it all; facial rejuvenation results are greatly improved by treating the surface of the skin to reduce signs of photoaging. A dermatological approach such as a chemical peel or laser resurfacing can complement the facelift by generating healthy, younger-looking skin.

We’re not just pros at aesthetic improvements; we can help with irritating skin problems and skin cancers. We focus on medical solutions that also provide satisfying cosmetic results. Here are a few common problems we treat:

  • Sun damage. Corrective facials and chemical peels are ideal for treating sun-related skin problems. These remove the damaged layers of skin, leaving a more youthful, smooth appearance. Corrective facials come in a variety of forms and some can stimulate collagen, tightening and smoothing the skin. Our facials include the Vitamin C facial, which is a three-stage procedure that leaves your skin feeling fresh and renewed. Our Deep Hydrating Facial is designed to rejuvenate dry, tired skin and make it more resistant to harmful environmental changes. Sun-damaged skin also responds very well to FotoFacial treatments. This therapy combines intense pulsed light, infrared, and radio frequency energy to also stimulate collagen production for smoother, younger-looking skin.
  • Acne. We help adults and teenagers treat this embarrassing condition. Corrective facials are one option: they target oily or acne-prone skin to eliminate impurities and help establish a clearer complexion. A salicylic acid peel can also be helpful in treating acne; scarring can be reduced as well.
  • Rosacea. The redness and lesions that sometimes accompany rosacea can be treated successfully with lasers such as Cutera Laser Genesis therapy. In addition to helping rosacea, an exciting new breakthrough technology called VBeam Pulsed Dye Laser can also treat other vascular problems such as facial spider veins, scars, warts, and red birthmarks. The procedure won’t leave bruising typically associated with earlier pulsed dye treatments—in fact it’s gentle enough to treat babies and children!

If you’re troubled by any of the skin issues we mentioned, come visit with our Dermatology Physician Assistant. He is trained to treat both adolescents and adults for a wide variety of dermatologic problems in addition to those we have mentioned here—conditions such as lesions, rashes, warts, moles, and psoriasis. He works closely with Dr. Reedy should a more extensive surgical approach be required. We always consider the health of your skin a priority, whether you’re visiting us for dermatology or plastic surgery.

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