Ultrasound Silicone Breast Implant Screening Now Available at Berks Plastic Surgery

Berks Plastic Surgery Patient Ultrasound

High-resolution ultrasound offers a faster, affordable alternative to MRI for silicone implant screening

Patients with silicone gel breast implants are advised to routinely monitor their implants for what is known as silent rupture, an asymptomatic break of the implant shell. Historically, MRI has been the recommended screening method, with the FDA suggesting patients undergo MRI every 2 to 3 years.

However, few patients follow through on these recommendations, state Dr. Brian Reedy and Dr. Scott Lindsay, board-certified plastic surgeons and partners at Berks Plastic Surgery, noting that “MRIs are expensive, time-consuming, and feel claustrophobic for some patients.”

High-resolution ultrasound is an equally effective alternative to MRI for silicone implant screening with numerous benefits for patients. Berks Plastic Surgery is now offering high-resolution ultrasound for all women with breast implants, regardless of their surgeon, at their office in Wyomissing.

The long-term health of breast surgery patients is very important to us. While rare, the risk for rupture does exist, and we always encourage patients to follow through on recommended screenings. However, MRI is not a practical or desirable option for everyone. With high-resolution ultrasound, we can offer patients an accurate, safe, and vastly more accessible option for screening, in the comfort and privacy of our plastic surgery office.

Dr. Brian Reedy

Benefits of high-resolution ultrasound breast implant imaging

Dr. Reedy notes several benefits of high-resolution ultrasound over MRI for patients, including:

  • Significantly lower cost
  • Painless, quiet procedure
  • Safe for all patients, including those with metal implants or devices
  • Accurate, reliable imaging to detect silent rupture
  • Results can be reviewed during the same appointment

Dr. Lindsay adds that “ultrasound is one of the safest, most reliable imaging technologies available. It’s been heavily researched and used in the medical field for decades. Patients appreciate that they can have their breast implants checked without exposure to radiation or strong magnetic fields, and they appreciate the ease of the procedure at our office.”

Having breast implant imaging done at a plastic surgeon’s office is ideal for a number of reasons.

At our practice, ultrasound screening is conducted by highly trained providers who work with breast surgery patients every day, and there is always a board certified plastic surgeon available to review anything that comes up on the ultrasound in person right then and there. You don’t get that at a stand-alone MRI imaging center.

Dr. Lindsay

While not considered an emergency, a ruptured silicone implant should be replaced and that breast implant replacement is an option a patient can discuss with Drs. Reedy or Lindsay, in the event a silent rupture is detected during their ultrasound.

Berks Plastic Surgery is now booking high-resolution ultrasound appointments for all breast augmentation and breast reconstruction patients desiring implant screening, regardless of where their breast implant surgery was performed. Interested patients should call 610-320-0200 to request an appointment or for more information.

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