Why choose Berks Plastic Surgery for injectables?

womanneedles Thanks to many products on the market today, facial rejuvenation often is possible without anesthesia or surgery.  Less invasive techniques, such as injectables, are a growing market.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 6.3 million Botox procedures were performed in 2013.  In addition, more than 2.2 million soft tissue filler procedures were performed as well.  That is a marked 3% increase in Botox procedures and 13% increase in soft tissue filler procedures from 2012.

With those numbers, it’s no wonder that more and more patients are looking to have these procedures to achieve a younger looking face.  Most importantly, patients are looking for an office with experienced injectors to give them their desired look.  Here at Berks Plastic Surgery, our team of injectors is led and trained by Dr. Reedy.  Our injectors have been advised in the latest techniques from the best injectors in the country and have anywhere from 8-16 years of experience.

There are many reasons that we have such a successful and growing business with an extremely high retention rate.  Injecting is an art as much as it is a science.  We provide natural results, not an over-filled, fake look.  Our injectors listen to their patients’ needs and will work hard to make sure those needs are met.  We pride ourselves on being warm, knowledgeable and honest.  We ensure that our patients are comfortable and happy before, during and after their appointments.

Most importantly, you must choose a practice and an injector that allows you to feel comfortable, has a vast knowledge of the products they’re injecting and has proven experience and success.  Our belief is that once you receive treatment at our practice with our injectors, you will never feel the need to go elsewhere.  These are just a few of the reasons that Dr. Reedy has achieved Diamond status from Allergan, which designates him in the top 3% of providers in the entire United States.  We hope to see you soon.

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