6 Ways to Get Your Beauty Sleep

It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep is vitally important to our health—both physical and mental. But in today’s fast-paced world, many of us fail to prioritize sleep as a factor in our overall well-being. Winter especially tends to affect the quality of our sleep, but there are ways to sleep better. Dr. Mehmet Oz recently wrote a blog post offering six ways to improve your sleep, including the following suggestions:

  • Get a whiff of lavender
  • Break a sweat
  • Adopt a Mediterranean diet
  • Check your medications
  • Choose your dinner wisely
  • Sleep on your side

See the entire blog post here for more information.

And there’s a reason they call it beauty sleep. A new study commissioned by Estee Lauder has shown conclusive proof that lack of sleep affects our appearance. This first-of-its-kind clinical trial demonstrated that poor sleepers’ skin shows increased aging and a slower recovery rate from environmental stressors that damage the skin. The study also shows that those who don’t get enough sleep have a poorer assessment of their own skin and facial appearance. Click here to learn more about this groundbreaking study.

It’s clear that quality sleep is necessary for continued health and beauty. But it won’t fix everything, which is why we we are here to help! Contact our practice today to find out about all we offer, including FotoFacial light therapy, laser skin resurfacing, OBAGI skin restoration, skin tightening, and an array of injectable treatments including Botox® and dermal fillers. We look forward to hearing from you. Until then, sleep well!

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