Stephanie’s Body Contouring Story

Real patient story, Steph

Steph takes control of her curves

As someone who was always pretty happy with her body and contours, Stephanie wasn’t thrilled when she began developing a few problem areas.

Thanks to getting older and a slowing metabolism, she wasn’t able to tone those areas through diet and exercise alone—even as an athlete. That’s when she knew she needed a little extra help.

“I knew that we had the tools here to improve those areas, so why not use them?! I couldn’t be happier in my choice to have body contouring procedures.”


Real patient story, StephWith the expert help of Berks Plastic Surgery (and liposuction and CoolSculpting), Stephanie has worked on getting a trim and tone abdomen, love handles, and inner and outer thighs—and she loves her results!

For patients hoping to improve their contours or finally get rid of those stubborn fat bulges, there are a number of options available. Here at Berks Plastic Surgery, we work closely with every patient to determine which procedures or treatments will give you the best outcome.

“I literally couldn’t be happier. It has changed everything about my life. I’m more confident in clothing, in bathing suits, and naked, which is important! You want to feel sexy no matter what you have (or don’t have!) on.”


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