Enjoy your natural breasts again

If you want to have your breast implants removed, your reasons are entirely personal—and there is no “wrong” reason. For some women, this procedure is necessary to address a complication, such as capsular contracture; for others, it is simply time for a different aesthetic that fits their current body type or lifestyle.

Whatever your reason, our surgeons understand how personal this decision can be, and our goal is to create a surgical plan that offers you natural-looking results and peace of mind after breast implant removal.

What happens during a breast implant removal procedure?

During breast implant removal, the implant is removed along with all, some, or none of the capsule of scar tissue that naturally forms to hold your implant in place. As such, there are four breast implant removal options:

  • Implant removal, leaving the capsule of scar tissue intact
  • Partial capsulectomy, in which the implant is removed, followed by removal of a portion of the scar tissue
  • Total capsulectomy, in which the surgeon first removes the implant from the capsule, then removes the entire capsule separately
  • En bloc capsulectomy, in which the capsule is left intact with the implant inside and is removed as one piece

How do I decide whether to have en bloc capsulectomy, total capsulectomy, or partial capsulectomy?

Your surgeon will work with you to make your breast implant removal surgical plan. While many patients are well-served with a partial or total capsulectomy, en bloc capsulectomy may be preferable for certain patients who have experienced a complication.

For example, if a silicone implant rupture was detected during your routine checkup with ultrasound or MRI, your surgeon may recommend an en bloc capsulectomy to protect your surrounding tissues from the leaked silicone particles contained inside your implant capsule.

Still, en bloc capsulectomy is not a safe option for every patient. It not only requires a larger incision than total capsulectomy, but the surgery also takes place very close to the rib cage and lungs, and therefore can be dangerous for patients with thin tissues. Ahead of your procedure, talk with your trusted surgeon to determine which option(s) may best serve your needs.

What is recovery like after breast implant removal?

Despite the skill and care required of your surgeon in this procedure, recovery from breast implant removal is manageable. Much like the recovery after breast augmentation, most patients are back to work within a week, though the recovery time can vary based on the details of your procedure. All patients will need to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for 3-4 weeks after surgery. If a breast lift is included in your procedure, your recovery will likely be longer (around 2 weeks).

What will my breasts look like after breast implant removal?

Your breasts will most likely look about the same as they did before your implants if you have good skin elasticity and modestly sized implants. It is especially likely if your natural breasts are relatively small and you have only had your implants for a few years.

On the other hand, some patients may be left with a degree of sagging, or ptosis, in the breasts. This may be the case if:

  • You have experienced pregnancy or menopause, as each can affect the size of your breasts and your skin elasticity, or its ability to “bounce back”
  • Your implants are larger
  • Your implants have been in place for a long time
  • You have large breasts naturally
  • Your skin elasticity has declined with age

Patients left with sagging breasts may choose to undergo a breast lift (mastopexy) to restore their breast shape. This procedure may be staged out about 6 months following the breast implant removal procedure for your safety. Staging out the two procedures also allows patients to wait and see if their breast tissue “bounces back” from being stretched by implants. In some cases, it may be possible for your surgeon to perform a breast lift at the same time the implants are removed.

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