Breast Asymmetry Correction in Reading PA

Did you know that most women have breast asymmetry? Studies estimate that up to 70% of women have noticeable differences in size or appearance. But just because breast asymmetry is common doesn’t mean you have to live with uneven breasts. If you’re bothered by the size difference, we can help.

With a procedure personalized to your needs, cosmetic breast surgery can help you achieve breasts that are remarkably close in size and shape. There’s a lot to gain from correcting asymmetry:

  • You’ll have a much easier time finding bras and clothing that fit comfortably
  • You won’t have to deal with foam inserts
  • You can look forward to your next trip to the beach with confidence

Correcting asymmetry with breast implants

Today you have more choices in implant shape, size and profile than ever, making it possible to get breasts that are much more similar in appearance. By using a different sized implant for each breast, our surgeons can correct for asymmetry and achieve your desired breast size.

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Whether you would like an overall increase in breast size or would just like for your smaller breast to “catch up” to the other, we can help you get the balanced, natural looking breast contour you seek.

Correcting asymmetry through breast reduction

While many patients with significant asymmetry get the best results with breast implants, we aim to achieve the best possible symmetry during all breast procedures, including breast reduction. If you would like the size to match the smaller breast instead of the larger, you may wish to consider this option.

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During a breast reduction, your surgeon will remove excess fat, glandular tissue and skin, creating more lifted, aesthetically pleasing breast shape in the process. To correct for asymmetry, he will remove more tissue from the larger breast to match the breasts in size and shape as closely as possible.

Combining breast reduction and implants

While it may seem unusual to consider breast implants and breast reduction for the same patient, many women have enough of a difference in size and shape between the breasts that combining these procedures yields the best results. If the larger breast cannot be reduced to match the smaller breast and still achieve a natural result, adding a modest sized implant to the smaller side can make up the difference beautifully.

Which breast asymmetry correction surgery is best for you?

Asymmetry isn’t just about size. We also look at the position and shape of your breasts to determine the best treatment plan for you. If your asymmetry is mainly a size issue, typically implants alone can correct the problem, while more significant differences in breast shape or position typically require additional surgical techniques.

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