Get Ready for Summer! Plan Your Breast Augmentation Now

Beautiful woman at the beachWomen are drawn to breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons, but filling out a swimsuit or a strapless dress often tops on the list. Thus many women spend a lot of time thinking about breast augmentation surgery at the most inconvenient time to actually have the procedure—during swimsuit season. While it’s totally understandable to be thinking about breast implants while showing skin poolside or heading to the beach for a vacation, the best time to plan a breast enhancement procedure is in fact now, when the weather outside is “frightful.”

Final results take time
Why plan your surgery now? The results of breast augmentation may be instantly visible, but it takes a number of months for breast implants to settle in and look their best. So, if you want to look naturally endowed by summer, the winter months are definitely the time to have surgery.

When making the choice to have surgery, we help all of our patients carefully consider their personal schedule to choose their own best timing for breast enhancement surgery. We’ll coach you on the amount of time you’ll need time to fully recover if you’re planning your augmentation ahead of a special event or trip.

If surgery is performed during the chilly winter months, you have the advantage of covering up in winter sweaters during the initial recovery from breast augmentation. You’ll then be ready to show off your results in the summer season, as well as take advantage of the first wave of swimsuit sales. Imagine stepping into the dressing room confident that you’ll look great in a swimsuit!

Plan now to allow for optimal healing
The decision to have breast augmentation surgery is a big one, and should be taken seriously and weighed carefully. If you’ve been considering surgery, first consult with a plastic surgeon about what size and type of implant would best fit your goals for surgery. If you decide to proceed, plan for a cushion of several months in which to heal physically and adjust mentally to your new look.

Contact our office to discuss the best timing and options to achieve your goals for breast augmentation surgery. Summer will be here before you know it!

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