Dr. Reedy Featured on The Doctors

doctorslogo-5b1879dde369272e0f9c16461058b333The secret is out! We are proud to share that Berks Plastic Surgery has been offered an incredible opportunity to help a local Pennsylvania woman overcome her lifelong struggle with severe acne and acne scarring.

In case you missed it, last week on CBS’ popular talk show The Doctors, acne scarring and skin resurfacing took center stage. Penny, a woman who has dealt with severe cystic acne and the resulting acne scarring on her face since she was a teenager, bravely shared her story. With thousands of dollars worth of failed treatments, ointments, and medications under her belt, Penny was losing hope that she would ever feel comfortable in her own skin.

Here’s where we come in: prior to the show airing, we consulted with The Doctors and helped formulate a plan to help Penny. In a sweet on-air moment, The Doctors revealed that Dr. Reedy and the Berks Plastic Surgery team will be offering these treatments and skincare services to Penny, including cutting-edge laser skin resurfacing, completely free of charge. We are honored to help Penny finally feel comfortable, confident, and proud of her skin.

You can watch the first full “before” episode here, but be sure to stay tuned! We’ll be working with Penny to achieve her goals in the coming months, with an exciting reveal slated for early spring 2015. Dr. Reedy will be appearing alongside Penny during this special “after” episode of The Doctors and cannot wait to share her results.

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