Breast Augmentation Isn’t Just About Size—Here’s How Smaller Implants Can Help You Love Your Breasts

Breast Augmentation Isn’t Just About Size

Breast augmentation remains as popular as ever—it was still the #1 cosmetic surgery in 2017, with ~333,000 procedures performed—but the days when getting breast implants meant going for Pamela Anderson’s dimensions are long gone. In keeping with trends that favor curves a ala Ariana Grande vs Kim Kardashian, more patients are keeping their augmentations on the smaller side.

With a skilled surgeon, you can get more beautiful breast contours while retaining a totally natural look and size—especially given the many sophisticated breast implant options you now have to choose from. In fact, many of our Reading breast augmentation patients ask us about going up just one bra cup size; their goal is to look better proportioned without drawing excessive attention to their chest.

If you’re feeling “meh” about your breasts, but don’t want to go the bombshell route, read on.

The benefits of small breast implants

If it seems like an oxymoron to use “small” and “breast implants” in the same sentence, remember that the primary goal of breast augmentation is to have your breasts complement your figure and make you feel more beautiful and confident. Sometimes that means boosting size, but just as often it’s a matter of improving symmetry, shape, and/or firmness.

With breast augmentation, we can use modest breast implants to help patients who have different-size breasts or tuberous (“Snoopy”) breasts, as well as those who want to replace volume lost after post-pregnancy or weight loss. Some patients are focused entirely on improving their shape and have little interest in changing their breast size.

Smaller breast implants can achieve any of these goals, with a few great perks:

  • Lower risk of complications. Very large implants are associated with a higher rate of capsular contracture, visible rippling, and other complications. Sticking with a more modest implant size for your body reduces these risks.
  • Longer lasting results. Smaller implants weigh less, which places less strain on your natural breast tissues over time and minimizes risk of premature sagging. While no breast augmentation is meant to last a lifetime, chances are you will be able to go longer before needing to replace smaller vs. larger breast implants.
  • They won’t get in the way of an active lifestyle. If you’re an avid runner, yogi, Crossfitter or active in any sport, smaller implants are going to be more comfortable and practical. Sticking with a more modest cup size will also make sports bra shopping easier.
  • It’s easier to keep your augmentation on the DL. Leaving work with A-cup breasts and returning a week later with D-cups can raise eyebrows, especially in warmer months when you can’t throw on a bulky sweater without looking suspicious. A subtle breast augmentation, perhaps with a new haircut for extra decoy insurance, can more easily fly under the radar.

Is a natural look is a must? You can trust our Reading breast augmentation specialists to listen and deliver.

Natural breast augmentations aren’t just in style—they’ve always been our style at Berks Plastic Surgery. Dr. Reedy and Dr. Lindsay favor a natural aesthetic that balances your proportions and enhances your overall appearance. Whether you want to increase your breast size or simply improve your shape, they will listen to your preferences and help you choose implants that are right for your needs. We offer free cosmetic consults, so you’ve got nothing to lose—and everything to learn about how breast augmentation can help you love your breasts.

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