ThermiVA Incontinence Therapy

Quick, long-lasting & effective stress incontinence treatment for women

Peeing when you laugh. It’s not funny at all. Unfortunately, it’s also a pretty common thing to happen to women, especially after childbirth. Everything gets stretched out “down there,” making it difficult to control the flow of urine in everyday situations like laughing, coughing, sneezing, or working out. If you are dealing with this embarrassing problem, ThermiVa can help.

ThermiVa can help you stop peeing when you cough, laugh or sneeze

ThermiVa is a 100% non-surgical, FDA cleared in-office procedure that uses radiofrequency (RF) to tighten skin, muscle, and connective tissues in the vulvovaginal area—including those you use to help control the flow of urine.

  • Pain-free treatments take only 30-45 minutes
  • No downtime or activity restrictions after treatment
  • Most patients are satisfied with results after just 2 to 3 treatments
  • Improvements can last up to 1 year or longer

Clinical studies have shown radiofrequency treatments like ThermiVa to reduce stress incontinence effectively without surgery and with minimal risk.

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About ThermiVa treatments for incontinence therapy

The ThermiVa device is moved over the external and internal tissues, where it emits RF energy. This creates a controlled, gentle heat to increase collagen production in loose, stretched tissues around the pelvic floor. Over time, these tissues grow stronger and tighter. As an incontinence therapy, ThermiVa can help restore support to your urinary bladder and urethra so you can better control the flow of urine and experience fewer leaks.

Unlike Kegel exercises, which you have to remember to do every day (and which aren’t always effective for more extensively stretched tissues), ThermiVa can help reduce or even stop urinary incontinence after just a few treatments. The effects are long-lasting, and follow-up treatments can be safely performed to maintain the effects.

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There’s no need to continue being afraid to laugh or sneeze in public because you’re worried about wetting your pants, when this problem might be solved in just a few months with ThermiVa. If you are in the Reading, PA area, call or contact us today for a free, private consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons at Berks Plastic Surgery.