Rosacea Treatment in Reading PA

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Rosacea, a skin condition that is typically recognized by its redness and puffiness on several areas of the face, can sometimes lead to more serious symptoms. Fortunately, this oily and acne-prone skin condition can be addressed with more than one method. Most commonly, we recommend the Cutera® Laser Genesis procedure, which can reduce the size of large pores, produce a more uniform texture, and erase many skin imperfections associated with rosacea.

For some patients, a sensitive skin facial is incorporated into treatment as well. Because it contains an all-natural serum and anti-redness mask, it can be an ideal complement to laser rejuvenation for the treatment of rosacea.

VBeam Laser Treatments

The dermatology office at Berks Plastic Surgery is now offering laser treatment for vascular lesions using the state-of-the-art VBeam Pulsed Dye Laser. With this exciting technology, we can treat facial spider veins, rosacea, scars, warts, stretch marks, leg veins, red birthmarks, port wine stains and hemangiomas – quickly, conveniently and without pain – right in the office.

The most exciting aspect of VBeam technology is that it offers effective laser treatment without the purpura (temporary bruising) sometimes seen with earlier pulsed dye laser technology. In fact, the VBeam is so gentle and safe that it can be used to treat infants and children as well as adults.

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The VBeam features a patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) that sprays a fine mist of cryogen prior to the laser pulse. This device prevents pain, protects the skin, and enables the laser energy to reach down and gently heat the targeted blood vessels.

Our new VBeam laser is regarded as the gold standard for vascular treatment. Typical sessions take just a few minutes and yield very gratifying results.

Since rosacea affects each patient differently, our Dermatology PA will be able to help you determine the best options for your unique skin. After an evaluation, he can guide you the the treatment you need from our full range of dermatology services. He is experienced in treating medical skin maladies for both adolescents and adults. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for treatment of rosacea or any of a number of dermatologic conditions.