Create balance & enhance your natural good looks with a custom chin implant

Do you love the way you look in front-facing pictures, but find that photos taken from the side reveal a chin that appears sunken or weak? If you have a recessed chin, or find that your chin does not seem in proportion with the rest of your features, you may be considering chin augmentation. A chin implant offers a customized, permanent solution to create a strong, proportional chin that complements and even enhances your other features.

How chin augmentation works

Chin augmentation, or genioplasty, is typically performed using a biocompatible silicone implant, the size and shape of which is customized to fit naturally around your jaw bone.

Why choose a chin implant?

There are numerous reasons that patients seek a chin implant to balance their features:

  • Correct a weak or recessed chin
  • Improve the balance of your facial features, i.e. help a prominent nose appear more proportional
  • Complement results of a rhinoplasty to create a harmonious balance between the two dominant features
  • Create the appearance of a stronger jawline and more slender neckline
  • Improve the neckline by minimizing the appearance of a double chin

The chin implant is a procedure that can have a unique aesthetic outcome for each patient, so be sure to choose an experienced chin implant surgeon with facial aesthetic mastery. Experienced surgeons listen to your desired results, and help you determine which procedure will achieve those results—for many patients, they are surprised to learn that a chin implant may be part of the solution.

Your chin implant consultation & surgery

During your consultation, Dr. Reedy or Dr. Lindsay will learn about your goals and examine your face to determine which procedure(s) will best achieve your desired results. Patients often see best results by combining chin augmentation with either liposuction, to add further jawline definition, or rhinoplasty (nose job), to balance these two features.

During your procedure, your surgeon makes a small incision hidden either in the crevices beneath your chin or inside the lower lip. They will place the implant through this incision, molding it carefully around your chin bone. Your incisions are sutured, and you will go home wearing a bandage that remains on for a few days.

Chin augmentation recovery & results

Most patients find that recovery is not very painful, but you may experience swelling and a sensation of tightness in the jaw for about a week. This can make talking uncomfortable. You will need to eat a liquid diet for about a week after surgery, and most patients continue to stick to soft foods for 2-3 weeks. You will likely be able to return to work and most normal activities after 1 week, but you should continue to avoid strenuous exercise or exertion for 3 weeks after your procedure. Final results are usually visible after 3 months.

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