Reduce belly fat with a comfortable, touch-free treatment

eon® smarter body contouringStubborn “pooch”? A little post-pregnancy “belly”? Luckily, this is not something you have to live with, or undergo surgery to fix! Let us introduce you to EON™, the FDA-cleared, touch-free laser device that specializes in abdominal fat. It’s smarter body contouring that gets excellent results—an average of over 20% fat loss per treatment.

Using a robotic arm to customize your treatment and get highly consistent results, EON “touchless” body contouring is more comfortable than heat- or cold-based systems that adhere to the skin during treatment. Keep reading to learn more about why EON may be right for your non-invasive belly fat reduction.

What should I expect from treatment with EON?

close-up abdomen with EON laser projecting topographical grid onto skin
Photo: Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc.

Your EON treatment will take 60 minutes in total. You’ll lie down flat on the treatment table with your abdomen exposed, and we will give you a pair of glasses to wear to protect your eyes from the laser light. You will remain lying comfortably for the duration of treatment.

The EON device is set up next to your abdomen, and its robotic arm first maps the “topography” of your belly, customizing its settings to your abdomen’s size and contours, before the treatment actually begins. (EON treats the entire abdomen, both upper and lower.) When the treatment begins, the robotic arm moves over your abdomen (just above your skin) in a repeating pattern to treat the surface area completely and evenly. You may feel air lightly blowing against your stomach. You may also feel some warmth, but nothing more intense than a heating pad.

After treatment, you can resume your normal activities! There is no downtime or aftercare required.

How does laser fat removal work?

EON uses lasers that are precisely calibrated to pass through the skin and target fat cells, heating them to a controlled temperature at which they die and are eliminated by the body. This process is called “lipolysis.” While the laser heats fat cells below the skin, the device simultaneously cools the skin to keep you comfortable.

Are there any side effects from EON?

EON was cleared for use by the FDA after proving to be safe and effective in clinical studies, and there are no serious side effects that are known to occur after EON treatment.

How soon will I see results from EON?

You can expect to see final results within 12 weeks. After treatment, your lymphatic system gradually “cleans up” and eliminates the treated fat cells, removing them permanently.

Some patients choose to schedule repeat appointments to continue to enhance their results, while others find that one treatment is sufficient. On average, one EON session provides a 21.6% reduction in abdominal fat.

While the affected fat cells cannot grow, the remaining fat cells can still gain weight, so maintain a consistent weight with diet and exercise in order to preserve your results.

Am I a good candidate for EON?

If you have stubborn fat on your stomach that’s resistant to diet and exercise, you are likely to be a good candidate for EON. You also need to have good skin elasticity, which refers to the skin’s ability to contract once stretched. Most (though not all) patients who are good candidates for EON also have a BMI below 30. If you are unsure whether or not EON will give you good results, we invite you to schedule a consultation, in which we will evaluate your unique anatomy and listen to your goals in order to make personalized recommendations.

patient lying on table with EON white robotic arm over abdomen
Photo: Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc.

Why should I choose EON over other non-surgical body contouring?

EON carries a number of benefits over other non-surgical body contouring options:

  • EON uses touch-free robotics. Treatment requires no gels or direct application from your provider, making it more comfortable, without the time-consuming (and potentially inconsistent) application process. Plus, no disposable applicators or plastics are used in your EON treatment.
  • The unique cooling technology makes EON comfortable. You won’t experience the extreme direct temperatures associated with other heat- or cold-based body contouring devices.
  • EON has a high level of fat reduction. On average, 21.6% of fat is addressed in a single session, making EON an industry leader.
  • EON offers a wider abdominal application area. The EON machine scans and treats both the upper AND lower abdomen, while other treatments may require multiple applicators to treat both areas (resulting in a higher cost).
  • There is no need for post-treatment care. There is no downtime after EON, and no aftercare (like massage) is necessary.
  • There are no side effects or risks associated with EON. Many patients prefer the safety profile of EON after comparing it to surgical procedures (like liposuction) and other non-surgical or minimally invasive body contouring options.

While EON is highly effective, there are many cases in which nonsurgical body contouring requires repeat treatments for a noticeable level of results (with variation from patient to patient). This means that the overall cost may be higher than the initial treatment price tag. Before your EON treatment, we will discuss a recommended treatment plan, the number of treatments involved, and the estimated cost so that you can make an educated decision.

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