I refer to you and your staff as my “Dream Team.”

Notes from Our Patients

Berks Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials


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I am taking this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation for having the utmost care and compassion during the most scary time I have ever faced.

My diagnosis of breast cancer with lymph node involvement made me focus on treatment and survival. After my double mastectomy, I completely put the appearance of my chest area in your hands, and what talented hands they are. With your focus on my breast reconstruction, I now have such a beautiful outcome!

My closest loved ones have all used the word AMAZING with regards to your work. I refer to you and the staff as my “Dream Team.” Being a five-year survivor, I am thankful every day for coming through this experience and for your making me whole again. If you ever need a reference, I am it.

With deepest gratitude and love for all of you.*

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