It’s no wonder so many of our Berks County plastic surgery patients come in asking about ways to enhance their lips: the lips are key to communicating expressions and command a lot of attention. However, that doesn’t mean that focusing on the lips alone will achieve the results you desire. The principles of facial balance and… Continue Reading »

If you’re thinking of augmenting your breasts, you have come to the right place! Dr. Brian K. Reedy of Berks Plastic Surgery is an expert in breast augmentation, and he has given many hundreds of happy, confident women the curves they want. For every breast augmentation patient, our goal is twofold: To give you the… Continue Reading »

2020 has officially landed, and many of us are evaluating the changes we’d like to see in the year to come. While self-care and budget management are often mentioned, health and fitness goals still top most people’s new year’s resolutions lists—and we’ve already been hearing from patients asking how they can tune up their figures…. Continue Reading »

High-resolution ultrasound offers a faster, affordable alternative to MRI for silicone implant screening Patients with silicone gel breast implants are advised to routinely monitor their implants for what is known as silent rupture, an asymptomatic break of the implant shell. Historically, MRI has been the recommended screening method, with the FDA suggesting patients undergo MRI… Continue Reading »

Breast augmentation remains as popular as ever—it was still the #1 cosmetic surgery in 2017, with ~333,000 procedures performed—but the days when getting breast implants meant going for Pamela Anderson’s dimensions are long gone. In keeping with trends that favor curves a ala Ariana Grande vs Kim Kardashian, more patients are keeping their augmentations on… Continue Reading »

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