My end results are perfect.

Notes from Our Patients

Breast Augmentation Patient Testimonials


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I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful care and support I received before, during, and after my breast augmentation procedure. I came to the office with lots of questions, which you answered honestly and thoroughly. I had fun trying on different implant sizes, imagining what life would be like after. No words can describe how great things went for me. I read all kinds of horror stories online about what other women went through post-surgery and was so comforted that I chose my surgeon wisely and had none of those experiences.

My end results are perfect. I did everything totally under the radar. I got the “leave ’em guessing” look I wanted and was back to work within 5 days and back to life as usual within 30 days: jogging, aerobics, etc. Well, almost back to normal … my husband can’t keep his hands off me. It truly was Christmas in March in our home. For the first time in my life, I went swimsuit shopping and had to send the girl back to the rack for a larger, less revealing size. Was totally funny!

Please tell Dr. Reedy that I have recovered nicely and exactly as predicted. And, most importantly, that they look and feel great! I will be back in a few weeks for my 3-month appointment. I will definitely be back to discuss other opportunities and would recommend Berks Plastic Surgery to anyone.*

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